What Should I Know About My Embroidery Order?

What Should I Know About My Embroidery Order?

At iLogo, we take pride in each and every order that comes our way. We know how important your custom product is, and we have a rigorous process in place to ensure your order arrives just as you envisioned it. Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. Contemporary is stitched using an computerized embroidery machine using patterns digitized through a computer software program. Machine embroidery is used to add logos and other designs onto a wide variety of products. iLogo provides custom embroidery on t-shirts, polo shirts, shirts, hoodies, jackets, performance wear and a few more products. There’s a lot of review on our side to make sure your embroidered product looks the best it possibly can.

Here’s a bit of what you can expect your design or logo to go through before going into production:

  • Color matching

    At iLogo we’re able to provide exact-match options, but thread isn’t as simple. We have tons of colors to choose from and our team of experts will make sure to get the closest match possible for your embroidery work.

  • Design review

    Your design might require simplification to ensure optimal clarity. Too much detail can really overwhelm an embroidered design, so in the event this relates to your logo or design, our designers can redraw, simplify your design, split text into two lines, or swap a font to an embroidery-friendly design for your prodcut.

  • Design limitations

    The recommended size of embroidery design is 4-5 inches wide. Embroideries on t-shirts and shirts larger than that might cause the fabric to bunch around the stitches. If you desire a larger embroidery, we can work with you request depending on the design and location of embroidery. Please do get in touch with us through email, phone or chat for your special request.

  • Product recommendations

    At iLogo, we strictly test our products to ensure they respond well to the decoration methods we offer. We carefully test each product before we add it to our Embroidered products section. If we have a suggestion or concern based on the product you selected, we’ll let you know.