T-Shirt Printing and Customized T-Shirts in India

How to choose the best ink colors for your design ?

Choosing your ink and shirt color is one of the fun parts of designing the custom products, however it can also be a bit tricky. Sometimes, certain T-shirt/ink color combinations look more vibrant on a computer screen than they do in real life.

This is because lighting in the studio is optimal , and computer screens often have filters to make colors appear more vibrant. While this filter makes your daily computer use more visually exciting, it does alter the colors that you see in the studio.

Our art team is very aware of this issue, and every order that comes through iLogo is checked for color contrast. If we find any issue that we think might ultimately not be perfect for your design or you won't match your expectations. we will contact you to discuss it, as well as suggest an alternative color options for your art work.