What are the benefits of custom printing t-shirts in bulk ?

What are the benefits of custom printing t-shirts in bulk ?

There are several benefits to printing t-shirts in bulk:

  • -Better pricing due to economies of scale when buying t-shirts in bulk.

  • -More options in printing like discharge printing, embroidery.

  • -You can create a t-shirt of a pattern of your choosing. For eg, Raglan round neck or a 3/4 collared polo shirt with zip instead of buttons.

  • -You can get a combination of colours in the same t-shirt. For eg, collar with red, sleeve in green and body in blue.

  • -Order any size when you order t-shirts in bulk. For eg, 8XL or 2XS.

  • -You can get your own tag printed if you order more than 100 t-shirts.

iLogo offers all types of screen printing and embroidery including Foil prints, Plastisol prints, non-PVC prints and patch embroidery. You can learn about the various T-Shirt Printing Techniques and then choose for your bulk t-shirts order between Screen Printing & Digital Printing after learning their pros and cons. iLogo also provides various options for wholesale t-shirt printing for designs with photos including screen printing and direct to garment printing.

Screen printing is still the cheapest form of printing t-shirts in bulk. The quality and reliability of screen printing is still unmatched. Another cheap way of t-shirt printing is embroidery. The threadwork and stitching makes it look classy and is ideal for team t-shirts, company t-shirts and other formal occasions.

T-Shirt Designs need to be created keeping your requirement of t-shirts in bulk. T-Shirt designs without gradients can be printed cheapest with screen printing. Screen printed t-shirts are affordable in bulk. However, as they require a set up cost, the minimum quantity required is 6.

We provide printing on T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Hoodies and Dry-fit wicking t-shirts. We have T-Shirt Designs for every type of team and occasion. We deliver t-shirts in bulk at various locations and cities.