T-Shirt Printing and Customized T-Shirts in India

What are the points to be considered while designing a custom t-shirt ?

Nowadays you have several easy to use softwares and websites like iLogo to design, unlike the earlier days where you had to be extremely skillful with your hands to design and trace your design by hand. Even then, creating a unique design for your team, event, group or to sell can be an extremely daunting task. To make this process easy, here are a few points to consider while Designing a T-Shirts:

  1. What is the purpose of this t-shirt design?

  2. Who is going to wear this t-shirt design?

  3. What is the budget of the customer?

  4. Know the type of printing you wish to implement.

  5. Get feedback on your design.

  6. Who will manufacture for you?