How is my price calculated when I screen print t-shirts in bulk?

How is my price calculated when I screen print t-shirts in bulk?

Whether you are curious about the cost of your order or the price for different products, we are here to provide you a quick, accurate quote with no obligation to buy.

iLogo provides an all inclusive pricing, and our quotes ensure that there are no hidden costs - it also includes Standard Shipping!

    Your all-inclusive price is primarily determined by 4 factors:

  1. The product you select.

  2. The total number of colours colors in the design.

  3. The total quantity of t-shirts in your order.

  4. The number of positions the t-shirt is printed.

Other factors such as personalization (adding personalized names and/or numbers to your t-shirts) or special prints, like gold foil or reflective prints, also affect the cost.

Save on Printing: You can reduce your costs by increasing the quantity, reducing the number of colours in your design, reducing the positions in which you print or choose a more affordable product.

iLogo offers the following services FREE with every screen print/embroidery order - no matter how large or small:

  • -Design review by a professional artist

  • -Professional print quality - experts will look into each aspect of your order process

  • -Expert design consultation

  • -Guaranteed delivery date

  • -Set-up fees

  • -Shipping

  • -Excellent customer service

  • -Money-back guarantee

Ready to get a quote? There are three ways:

  1. The price gets automatically updated in the Design Studio as you design your t-shirt and update your quantityc

  2. “Check your Quote now.”

  3. If you still are unsure, please call us at +91 22 67498749