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iLogo, an eCommerce venture about customized t-shirts and printing is founded by am army man turned entrepreneur. A graduate from the prestigious National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, Amit Arvind is a former international athlete having won several international medals in the sport of sailing. After 12 years as an officer in the Indian Navy, he retired prematurely to follow his dream of being an entrepreneur and started iLogo. He is an avid marathoner and finished 32nd overall in the 2012 Mumbai Marathon.
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In a cutthroat startup world, a small close-knit group of entrepreneurs believe in lending a helping hand

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely game. But maybe not when you have your fellow CEOs helping you.

Kuntal Malia is the cofounder of Mumbai-based StyleNook, a personal stylist site. Malia wanted an 'outsider' to give her a different perspective on her business, and in came Amit Arvind of Ilogo, an online design custom clothing company. They 'CEO swapped' for a day and Arvind figured that maybe Malia needed to actually start thinking of stylists on her platform as a revenue-generating source. In turn, Malia used her analytics skills to help Arvind understand customer segmentation better.
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Listen to our CEO, Amit Arvind, in conversation with RJ Hrishi k:

Jai Hind College - Party people: Hrishi K

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Naval officer turned an entrepreneur: