About Us India

What do we do?

At iLogo, we want customers to create cool custom t-shirts all by themselves. We are merely a vessel (excuse the military pun!) for you to create apparel that appeals to you! Like we said, the "Spread your Story" ethos runs through the veins of our business. We deliver high-quality retail quality custom t-shirts at affordable prices.

We live and breathe convenience. With military precision, we're always trying to best ourselves, and through this, our services are improved too. We truly believe that innovation is the cornerstone of evolution and that's why we're constantly trying to improve our own selves. We've adopted this firebrand attitude towards our t-shirt designing and manufacturing so you're able to access your desired results in the fastest possible time!

Case Studies:

  • Reunion T-Shirts:

    About us banner When it comes to jubilee celebrations, we're the ones you need to task. For example, one of our customers wanted to organize Reunion T-shirts for a National Defence Academy event in Pune.

    The challenge they faced (apart from work hours) was multifold. They needed someone to organize, design and handle modifications for 150 T-shirts for 150 individuals. On top of that, they needed someone to coordinate individual sizes, collect cash and tally it and also find a reliable manufacturer who would give them quality. Also, some of these multicoloured custom T-shirts needed to be delivered to individuals abroad.

    At iLogo, these are super easy to execute for us! We've already got everything in place beforehand to take over all of these challenges, and we made everything work smoothly. We were able to proudly watch them organize a wonderful Jubilee event! The reunion was a roaring success, and so were the T-shirts, whose superior quality ensures that they stay fresh even till their Golden Jubilee events!

  • Remote Working MNCs:

    The pandemic brought it's fair share of challenges, and we were tasked with creating T-shirts that would introduce 50 new team members for an MNC. A company had tasked us with the same, and we wanted everyone (new and old) to wear the company-branded T-shirts for a team building exercise.

    They had multiple challenges, including getting high quality apparel delivered to individuals in the UK and US, individual distribution to these members at their homes, collating all the individual sizes, as well as colours for 250+ individuals and enabling members to order these T-shirts with a unique code on our website.

    We seamlessly and easily integrated all of their queries into our task and ensured that we were able to fulfil them one by one. We have tie-ups with suppliers and distributors worldwide, which allowed us to ship to each individual before the event happened. Finally, we collated all the information via methods used from previous experiences, and delivered faithfully on our promise.

  • Merchandise-based Fundraiser:

    About us banner Call it fundraising or just raising money - either way, iLogo Campaigns empowers you to rally support for your group, cause or project by selling custom t-shirts online. Set a price and end date, and sell as many as you can. Once your campaign closes, we fill the orders and send you the profits!

    A few points to be noted:

    • No upfront investment required
    • Zero inventory risks
    • Provide greater choice in colours and products to customers
    • Focus on marketing with headache of printing, shipping or post sales support
    • Can launch multiple campaigns

    Whatever the need is, we will make it easier for you to fulfil and complete your purchase!

  • Unique Tailor-Made Apparel:

    We also provide unique Tailor Made T-Shirts & jackets as per your brand colours. Create T-Shirts where each part of the t-shirt is tailored to match your brand colours and make your team stand out in a crowd. You also can choose the fabric to meet the climate and usage of your team.

  • Armed Forces T-Shirts:

    Based on our past experience in the armed forces, we understand the specific needs of the Armed Forces. The fabric, patterns and designs are created to exclusively match the specific needs of each unit or ship in the Armed Forces. We will also take it upon ourselves to deliver these high-quality merchandise to units that are far-flung, right from design to the delivery. It is our honour to serve our armed forces and we'll leave no stone unturned in achieving the same.

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties/Family Reunion/Holidays:

    Whether it's your bachelorette party or holiday for your family reunion get a unique t-shirt from iLogo. Choose from over 1,50,000 design templates which can be customized for your specific need.