What is the best shipping option for my Campaign ?

What is the best shipping option for my Campaign ?

There are two different shipping options for your iLogo Campaign:

  1. Individual Shipping:

    The individual shipping option is best for organizers with supporters spread throughout the country and the world. Each individual supporter will be able to place their order online and have the shirts shipped directly to their address for a small shipping fee charged to them at the checkout time. This is a great way to avoid all the logistics that come along with receiving all the shirts and handing them out yourself. It also helps the orgnizers to reduce the work of handing the product to their supporters by themselves.
  2. Bulk Shipping:

    The perfect for organizers whose supporters live close by, or will all be at the same event together wearing the shirts. For them, There is a free shipping option, and will allow your supporters to ship their shirts at one location so you can hand them out by the orgnizer.