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What are some good ways to promote my Campaign ?

Here are a few tips that have worked for our organizers:

  1. Whatsapp :Share your campaign with your friends, families and groups through whatsapp.
  2. Instagram : Create a post, stories, tag people with the photos and videos and make them share your campaign.
  3. facebook :Another idea would be to create a dedicated Facebook page or group for the cause. We have seen that people like to follow a specific cause they care about and giving them a forum to follow you and share with others is a great way to keep them informed as well as be part of the solution.
  4. .Facebook/Instagram/whatsapp is a very powerful promotional tool. By telling your story and sharing your iLogo Campaign link on social media you can exponentially get more visibility for your cause. We have seen for every 10 people who click on your campaign page, 1 will purchase so make sure to post it often and to different parts of your community.
  5. Share your page with groups that may share the same interest for your cause.
  6. Share your Campaign progress with your community! Write messages on social media, photos and even video.