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Quantity Matters:

  1. The more you order, the lesser will be cost per piece.
  2. Further, there are slabs at the following quantities: 21, 51, 101 & 501.
  3. Base price for white color is lower than the coloured T-Shirts.

Screen Print

  1. Cost is proportional to number of sides you want to print.
  2. Cost is also proportional to number of colors in your design.


  1. Each side with embroidery adds to the cost.

Adding a printed logo or design goes a long way in making that plain T-Shirt unique. custom t-shirts, printed t-shirts and custom hoodies are produced in billions due to their wide usage by companies, individuals, fashion, teams, events and groups. Companies print custom t-shirts for a wide range of reasons from promotion, to brand building to bulding customer loyalty. Almost everybody wears a t-shirt and most prefer a printed t-shirt. So before you create that Custom T-Shirt for your specific purpose, you may want to know which printing method to use. You should learn about the various methods of T-Shirt printing available which you can use. You should know their respective advantages and drawbacks. Once you will have a fair idea of which printing technique to go with. Below are some tips to keeps down the costs of your custom t-shirt, custom polo-shirt or custom hoodie.

1. Print Less Colours

When designing to print custom t-shirts for your company, event or group, keep the number of colours in the design to a minimum. More colours does not necessarily mean a better design, but it definitely means a higher cost! Most designs with multiple colours can be made to look equally effective even by reducing the number of colours strategically. You also have the option to make a picture into a grey scale design. If your t-shirts are for a one time use, you definitely want to keep the number of colours in the design to a minimum.

2. Print the Maximum Quantity

The more you print, the cheaper it gets. In printing of t-shirts, upto a point, quantity is the most important factor in the cost. The price varies quickly when the quantities are increased when the quantities are low. This is because there is a fixed set up cost in making screens and films to print custom t-shirts. Experiment with the variation with price at Check Price and you may find that you get many more t-shirts for just a few bucks more!

3. Keep Printing Locations to a Minimum

Printing cost does not depend on the size of the print, but, on the number of colours, quantity and the locations on the t-shirt to be printed. A total of 2 colours being printed but with the colours being in different locations will cost more than if the 2 colours are printed at the same location. A small print on the sleeve costs the same as a big print on the chest. In fact, it is more difficult to print on the sleeve than on the chest.

4. Choose a White T-Shirt

Save money by simply choosing a white t-shirts. White apparel are inherently cheaper as they don't need to undergo an expensive dyeing process. They are also easier to print on than darker colours fabrics.

5. Don't ask for a Rush Delivery

As the screen making process is time consuming, asking for a rush delivery might increase costs. This is because your order might require to be put ahead of other orders and that might imply an additional cost.