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iLogo Campaigns is a seamless fundraising platform that empowers you to rally support for your cause by selling custom t-shirts online.

It's for anyone who's passionate about a group, cause, or project! If you need to raise money and rally support from your community, iLogo Campaigns can help.

There is no limit to your fundraising potential. It's all about how many people you can get excited about the shirt and cause.

We multiply the price you set by the number of shirts you sell. Then we subtract the cost of the shirts and send the rest (profit) to you! Keep in mind that iLogo maximizes your fundraising profit by printing the shirts in bulk, and we automatically pass volume discounts on to you. Essentially, the more shirts you sell the higher your profit per shirt. After your campaign ends, you won't need to lift a finger. We'll mail you or your fundraising organization a check for the profits! Estimate how much you can raise.

It's completely free, but you should plan on spending time and effort to make it a success!

While we encourage you to be creative, we mainly recommend using email, Facebook and Twitter to make sure your community is aware of your campaign. You should count on promoting it multiple times to remind (and thank!) supporters and encourage them to spread the word themselves. You might even consider having a party for the campaign - bring a laptop or tablet so people have the opportunity to buy a shirt while they celebrate.

Your supporters pay for their shirts online through your campaign page using any popular credit or debit card or through net-banking.

We will set up your campaign to have each order individually delivered. For an international order standard shipping charges will be included in the price. The shirts will be delivered within two-weeks of the campaign close date.

Most successful campaigns run 2-4 weeks. Of course, campaigns can run shorter or longer. If you need the shirts by a particular date, please allow for an additional 2 weeks after your campaign closes for printing and delivery.

Remember that you're not just raising money, you are also rallying support, so we suggest making your goal ambitious but realistic.

No worries, we'll still print your shirts and send you the profits as long as at least 10 shirts are sold - you just will not raise as much money. This way your supporters get their shirts even if the goal isn't reached. Your supporters will only be charged for the shirts they purchase, and you will not be responsible for purchasing additional shirts to meet the goal.

Visit iLogo design-studio to create your shirt design. Save it with your email address and then we will use it in your campaign.

Of course! Call +91 8369833275 and one of our talented Campaign Advisors will assist you in estimating your fundraising potential, creating your t-shirt design and launching your campaign.