Various Methods of Printing Designs With Photos on T-Shirts

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How can I print designs with Photos on T-Shirts

iLogo primarily offers 4 types of T-Shirt Printing of designs with Photos. If you are looking at deciding which type of printing technique to choose, you can give our Sales Team a call at +91 8369833275. You can also email us or chat with us through our chat support. We can help you through which type of print would be best based on your design, quantity, product and budget.

Full Colour Process Printing in Screen Printing

Screen printing is the oldest and most widely used method of printing on t-shirts, hoodies and other apparel. To get a photographic quality print with screen printing, we can process it through full colour process or CMYK print. There is however a minimum requirement of 100 pieces for CMYK printing because of the set up involved.

Half Tone Screen Printing

If you are looking at printing a photographic design on a tight budget, single colour half tone printing is your best option! Using halftone printing(dots of same colour kept in closer concentration or further apart to get the photographic effect), we can print on any colour. Results of prints on lighter coloured t-shirt are however better. Half tone printing is also possible with images of slightly lower resolution as the printing does require the detailing of a full process print.

Artwork Redraw

Our designers will redraw your image and convert into a vector image with the numbers of colours you choose. This will convert the photograph into a clipart.

Direct to Garment Printing

This is a more expensive printing technique. However, with direct to garment printing, we can print even 1 t-shirt. In this the photograph is processed in a computer and printed directly onto the t-shirt using a Direct to Garment Printer. As the ink is layered thinly on the fabric to enable the finer detailing, they are best suited for lighter coloured t-shirts. As they are printed using a DTG printer and there is no set up involving screens.

At iLogo, we are continually working on getting the latest available printing techniques. You can learn about the various t-shirt printing methods and the pros and cons of digital printing vs screen printing.