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With over a million shirts, 7 years, 99% satisfied customers, iLogo, is your one stop shop for Printed Polo Shirts for both men and women. iLogo produces Polo Shirts in biowashed cotton and premium performance BLAKTO Performance Technical Polo Shirts. iLogo specialized in various types of printinglocations across the world. We also offer full sleeves polo shirts and raglan collared t-shirts which can be customized for your team, company, group or event. We offer quantity based pricing, which depends on the quantity of polo shirts, design to be printed and the collared t-shirt chosen. We provide all custom apparel including custom t-shirts and custom hoodies.

At iLogo, we are not just about polo shirts. Our designers will work with you to create your printed polo shirt to match your company or team requirements. Polo shirts can show the loyalty of your employees and can make them great ambassadors for your company.At iLogo, you can design your own printed polo shirts by using your own original artwork in our design studio, or by using from the thousands of images in our library. You're sure to get exactly what you want with our money-back guarantee. Design a religious, event, or team printed polo shirt in just minutes. Your order will arrive in 14 days, guaranteed! Every order is reviewed by an expert artist, ensuring your custom designed polo shirts are exactly the way you envision them! You can get polo shirts individually personalized for your team with individual names and numbers as well.

We are passionate about quality polo shirts and have design templates for every occasion. We have printed polo shirt designs for groups and also for individuals. We have several years of experience in collared t-shirt printing, and want to provide the best print suitable for your polo shirt design.

  • Custom Printed Polo Shirts for Groups, Teams, Events and Businesses

    The biggest priority for custom polo shirts for groups and teams is long lasting prints with vibrant colours at an affordable price.Screen printing is still the best printing technique available for high quality custom polo shirts. Over 80% of our orders are printed through this classic printing method and you know that we have become very precise with this. Screen printed polo shirts are cost effective and combined with our high quality polo shirts, they are the ideal solution to make your custom polo shirts. Screen print is especially suitable for printing on cotton polo shirts.

    For every design, our printers create a stencil(screen) and use this to apply dyes to the polo shirts. Each colour is applied using a different screen, one colour at a time, until they all come together to create your design. The disadvantage of screen printing is that it requires additional preparation like making screens. Due to this, we have a minimum requirement of 6 polo shirts per design. The other disadvantage is that it is not possible to print designs which have gradients like photographs.

    Polo Shirts can be printed in speciality inks, including, Gold and Silver Foil printing, metallic printing, Glow in the Dark printing, Neon printing, Reflective printing and Glitter printing besides regular non-PVC and plastisol printing. Speciality inks would entail a special pricing and minimum order. Please do contact us if your designs require speciality prints in your order.

    Designs like logos or institutions which need to be decorated on polo shirts, can be made very elegantly with embroidery. Our embroidery services will convert your design into an embroidery with multi colour threads to give your custom collared t-shirt that classic feel.

  • Single Order Personalized Polo Shirts and Designs with Gradients

    For designs with high levels of details, including photographs, there is no better way to go than Direct to Garment printing. This method uses your image and prints it directly onto the polo. As DTG printing does not require any set up like screen making, there is no minimum quantity required to be ordered. Please look for the 'No-minimum section in our website to choose DTG printing. The design can also contain gradients as the image is printed as it is onto the collared t-shirt.

  • Our standard delivery time is 2 weeks for screen printed polo shirts. We can also provide you rush delivery at an extra charge for the expedited shipping. In case you have order it as a Direct to Garment printed(DTG) printed Polo Shirt, the delivery time is 1 week. Shipping anywhere in the world is free. Our pricing is all inclusive and includes all taxes and other charges.