What is Discharge Screen Printing on T-Shirts?

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Discharge Screen Printing

Discharge Screen Printing is a Screen printing process where the same methods and equipment is used, but, where the inks used are a special discharge dyes. Discharge inks removes the shirts dyes and is replaced with the discharge ink instead of the ink being put as a layer on top of the t-shirt. It is similar to bleaching the fabric, however, here the fibres is not damaged. This results in a very soft finished print unlike other forms of screen printing. There is no feel of the print and the weave of the t-shirt can be seen through the print. Getting the colours as per the design is not an exacting process as the colour generated depends on multiple factors like the fabric, dyeing of the fabric, climate etc. It is however a very good method to get t-shirt designs with vibrant prints on dark colour t-shirts. If you have a t-shirt or polo shirt with a soft print with consistent colours, this is most probably the type of printing. These prints remain vibrant, bright and last for long. However, it may not be the best option for all occasions. You can learn about the various techniques of t-shirt printing before deciding your technique of choice.

Advantages of Discharge Screen Printing:

  1. Discharge Screen printing method is ideal for high quality printing of t-shirt designs, because it guarantees consistent quality, retail quality finish and durability
  2. Vibrant colours
  3. Little to no feeling on the t-shirt
  4. Best way to print on dark colour t-shirts in bulk

Disadvantages of Discharge Screen Printing:

  1. Some t-shirt designs discharge better than others
  2. Can be difficult to use for photographic prints and full process prints
  3. Only works on natural fabrics like cotton
  4. Not all colours will discharge well. For eg. Royal blue
  5. Not all washes discharge well. Certain kind of pretreatment washes on fabric are needed to get high quality discharge prints
  6. Process may not be consistent
  7. Colour matching is not accurate

You can find out more about Screen Printing here. You can also learn about the Pros and cons of Screen Printing vs Digital Printing. iLogo specializes in all kinds Printing on T-Shirts with free design support. Know all about designing and placing an order on iLogo.