What are the Factors While a Designing a T-Shirt

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Points to Consider While Designing a Custom T-Shirt

Nowadays you have several easy to use softwares and websites like iLogo to design, unlike, the earlier days where you had to be extremely skillful with your hands to design and trace your design by hand. Even then, creating a unique design for your team, event, group or to sell can be an extremely daunting task. To make this process easy, here are a few points to consider while Designing a T-Shirts:

1. What is the purpose of this t-shirt design?

Is this T-Shirt for an event like a bachelorette party? Is to for a promoting a brand or is for office outing or a family reunion? You need to have a clear idea of the purpose of the T-Shirt. This will help you create a design appropriate to meet that specific need. Each requirement will create a very different t-shirt designs. For eg., if it is for a one time use, you want to keep the costs low and should therefore go for a cheaper product with lesser colours in the design to keep costs low.

2. Who is going to wear this t-shirt design?

The person who is going to wear the design is as important as the purpose of the design. A middle aged man will not appreciate the same design as a teenager. Focus on whom the t-shirt is meant for while creating your t-shirt design.

3. What is the budget of the customer?

You can create the most intricate design with the a number of colours but this design will never get printed because if it is out of the budget of your customer. Designs need to be created what the customer is willing to pay for each t-shirt. If his budget is low, you need to create designs with few colours to make the t-shirt printing cost effective.

4. Know the type of printing you wish to implement

Every design is printed with a different printing technique or dye. As a designer, you should be clear which printing technique you wish to use as each t-shirt printing technique has it's pros and cons. Some techniques are cost effective or more longer lasting or not possible for all designs.

5. Get feedback on your design

Once a t-shirt is printed, there is no going back. So, it is important to take feedback from the customer or target audience before finalizing the design. Changes can be easily made digitally on the mock ups but never physically on the t-shirt!

6. Who will manufacture for you?

Your entire designing effort will get wasted if the end product is not produced well. Getting a good manufacturer to get your T-Shirt Design to come to life is all important. iLogo is an well regarded an established company in the field of Custom T-Shirts. You can easily design your t-shirt on the website itself or upload your design in the easy to use Design Studio. Once you place the order, the Design Team will send you mock ups to confirm positioning, colours and quantity before going ahead with the production. Once you place the order, it arrives within 14 days, guaranteed. Our service team is here six days a week to assist in your design, or provide a quick quote. You can check out the Frequently asked Questions to learn more about the process followed. You can choose from a wide range of apparel. Every order is reviewed by an expert, confirming that your design turns out exactly the way you envisioned it!