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Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. Contemporary is stitched using an computerized embroidery machine using patterns digitized through a computer software program. Machine embroidery is used to add logos and other designs onto a wide variety of products. iLogo provides custom embroidery on t-shirts, polo shirts, shirts, hoodies jackets, performance wear and a few more products.

As one of the leading custom embroidery companies, iLogo, can be trusted to bring your design to life with vibrant and consistent embroidery. From high quality Polo Shirts to Hoodies, from small to large orders, iLogo is you reliable and trustworthy partner. Embroidery is most suitable for formal and corporate uniforms. Embroidery is the oldest form of decorating garments which is still prevalent. The history of embroidery can be traced all the way back to 20,000 BC.

Advantages of Embroidery are:

  1. Appearance - Classy and elegant.
  2. Durability - Extremely durable

Disadvantages of Embroidery are:

  1. Design limitations - Fine designs not possible
  2. Colour limitaions - designs with gradients not possible. Total colour limitation

Embroidery FAQ

What is the delivery time for embroidered apparel?

We guarantee one of the quickest delivery times in the industry, guaranteeing delivery in 12-14 days. We do understand that sometimes you may need this quicker and we can look into your specific needs. Please do get in touch with us my email, chat or phone, if you have a shorter deadline.

What kind of thread do use for embroidery

From the many threads available for embroidery, at iLogo, we use either polyester or rayon. These threads do not have the possibility of colour bleeding like cotton threads. 'Which one is better' depends on your personal preference and the desired final product. Some prefer the shine of rayon while others prefer the vibrancy of polyester.

How big can be embroidered design be?

The recommended size of embroidery designs is 4-5 inches wide. Embroideries on t-shirts and shirts larger than that might cause the fabric to bunch around the stitches. If you desire a larger embroidery, we can work with you request depending on the design and location of embroidery. Please do get in touch with us through email, phone or chat for your special request.

Will my embroidery last a long time?

Like all products and services we provide, we follow the highest quality controls for embroidery. All embroidery is done on the best in market, Tajima, machines. Your embroidery will last longer than the garment.

Can I do a screen print along with an embroidery on my t-shirts?

Yes, as we do the embroidery and screen printing inhouse, we allow you to both embroider and screen print your t-shirt at the same time. We allow you choose a combination of screen printing and embroidery when you design your t-shirt in the design studio. You can see the different types of t-shirt printing and their pros and cons.

Is there any restriction on the position on the t-shirt where I can embroider my design?

For orders greater than 50, we can manufacture the t-shirt right from the fabric state due which we can offer you unlimited options on where you can place your embroidered design. For quantities less than 50, we usually embroider premanufactured t-shirts due to which the embroidery position is restricted to the standard positions like chest, back, shoulder and sleeves.

If you need assistance with your design or order, our design team is available six days a week, through phone, chat and email. You can also check out our FAQ for most commonly asked queries. Your order will be delivered in 14 days - guaranteed.