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Promote your Story with Custom T-Shirts

Spread your Story through Custom T-Shirts. iLogo Campaigns empowers you to rally support for your group, cause or project through custom t-shirts. Set a price and end date, and sell as many as you can. Once your campaign closes, we fill the orders directly!

Start A Campaign

It's Easier Than Ever To Spread your Story

Fast & Free Set Up. Zero Up-front Costs. Unlimited Potential.

Tell your Story

Tell your Story

Successful campaigns start with a compelling story. Custom t-shirts strengthen your message and make a lasting impact.

Rally your Community

Rally your Community

Enlist your family, community, Facebook friends and Twitter followers to buy a t-shirt and help spread the word.

The Check is in the Mail

The Check is in the Mail

iLogo handles the shirt orders and shipping. And we’ll send you the profits raised at the end of the campaign.

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Finance Your Passion, Project or Business

T-shirts raise awareness with every wear, and each purchase helps raise funds at the same time. Running a campaign is totally FREE. And it's easy! Name your cause, design a shirt & spread the word. There's no better way to make an impact.

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