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Over 3 billion T-Shirts are sold each year, of which, a majority are printed. T-Shirt printing started in the 1950's in Miami, Florida, when companies started decorating their T-Shirt to promote their business. Cut to today, adding your logo or design goes a long way in making that plain T-Shirt unique. Some business owners may wonder why they add to their expenses with Custom T-Shirts.

Here are 6 very good reasons why you should print Custom T-Shirts for your company:

1. Marketing your Company:

Why do airlines have their painted big over the entire airplane? This is to promote their brand to anyone who can see it. Similarly, when your employees wear a custom t-shirt with your logo when they meet their customers, at events or at work, all who meet them get exposed to your brand! Custom T-Shirts also make your company look professional.

2. Building Team Spirit within the Company:

It is great teams which makes great companies. There is nothing like team merchandise to increase the espirit-de-corps within the team. This is the reason why armies across the world wear uniforms. Same Custom Team t-shirts will promote team spirit and sense of belonging with no additional effort.

3. Enhancing Customer Loyalty:

Once you have established a brand and have loyal customers, you need to focus on creating customer loyalty. It is 10 times as hard to convert a new customer as it is to retain existing customers. Free Cool Custom T-Shirts with your branding done subtly, is a cool way to keep your brand in the minds of your customer always. Send extra special Custom T-Shirts to bigger customers and influencers and keep your customers coming back again and again!

4. Rewards:

People love to win! Make your customers promote you on social media or take part in a contest and give them Custom T-Shirts. Everyone loves a free t-shirt and you promote your brand and their customer loyalty at the same time!!

5. Additional Revenue Stream:

If your company has products which have a cult following like the Assassins Creed, it is time for you to create your own line of merchandise and increase your revenue streams. Let your fans share their love for your brand by wear you merchandise and you can have an additional revenue stream as well.

6. Memorabilia for Special Occasions:

Special events require special T-Shirts to celebrate and remind you of that occasion. Whenever you achieve a milestone like a Startup Award, create unique custom t-shirts so everyone in your team can be part of the moment and showoff this achievement everytime they wear this special Custom T-Shirt!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we deliver our products outside India as well.

We think that most customers want to see what their design will look like on their t-shirts before their custom t-shirts gets printed, so we are happy to provide picture proofs to review for every order over 6 pieces or more.

Once you place your order, Our artists will review your design thoroughly at iLogo to ensure a quality print.

Once we have completed our strict review process, we'll email or message you a picture proof showing the detailed design as we plan to print it.

If you notice anything in your picture proof that you’d like to change or adjust, you can revert us with an email of the changes you want.

If your order is on a rush or super rush schedule or you’d like to speak about your order in person, we are available to answer questions and help you with your design to be finalised.

The cost for Custom T-Shirt Printing in India can be got quickly by filling out the details here. iLogo provides custom t-shirt printing and embroidery at very affordable prices

The various factors that determine the price of Custom T-Shirt Printing are:

  1. Product chosen. For eg. roundneck t-shirt or polo shirt
  2. Number of t-shirts being customized
  3. The type of t-shirt printing required. For eg screen printing, DTG, embroidery or sublimation print
  4. The locations on the t-shirt which need to be printed
  5. If screen printing, the number of colours in the design
  6. If DTG printing, the size of the print and the t-shirt colour
  7. If embroidery, the size of the design to be embroidered and the number of colours in the design
  8. If sublimation printing, the size of the design
  9. If Vinyl Cut printing, the size of the design

Special print design needs like glitter, reflective, gold and silver foil will cost extra.

At iLogo you can get high quality Custom T-Shirt Printing and Custom Embroidery across India at very affordable prices. With 10 million custom t-shirts, over 10 years expertise, 99% satisfied customers, iLogo, is the best option for Customized T-Shirts and custom team t-shirts in India. At iLogo, you can send the design required to be printed by either designing it yourself online on the iLogo website or you can send us your design through email or whatsapp. If you don't have a design ready, you can choose from over 1,50,000 t-shirt design templates we have on our website or our designers can help you create your unique design. T-Shirts will be provided by iLogo in India.

iLogo keeps in stock roundneck t-shirts, v-neck t-shirts, collared t-shirts, hoodies, zipper jackets, sweatshirts for both men and women which can be printed or embroidered immediately. iLogo can also custom manufactured T-Shirts and other apparel based on your special requirements.

iLogo offers various kinds of T-Shirt Printing including:

  1. Screen Printing
  2. Direct to Film (DTF) Printing
  3. Sublimation Printing
  4. Vinyl Cut Printing
  5. Embroidery
  6. Pigment Printing
  7. Plastisol Printing
  8. White Opaque Water Base Printing (Khadi Printing)
  9. Litho Transfer printing
  10. Direct to garment printing
  11. Rubberized Printing
  12. High Density printing
  13. Foil printing
  14. Rotary Printing
  15. Discharge printing
  16. Flock printing
  17. Metallic and Shimmer Printing

Delivery time for all types of screen print & embroidery is 2 weeks within India. Delivery time Direct to Film(DTF) printing is 1 week. Rush delivery is possible at an extra charge.

At iLogo you can get custom printed T-shirts at very affordable prices in India. At iLogo, we have a wide range of custom printed T-shirts. You can either design the t-shirt online or send us your design through email or whatsapp. At iLogo, you can print your own original artwork in our design studio, or choose from our thousands of images in the library. You will receive the the design exactly as you want. You also have the option to choose from over 1,50,000 T-Shirt Designs and personalize to meet your specific requirement. iLogo also provides Tailormade T-Shirts and other apparel customized to your brand colours. We can create any style of apparel you require. Our designers will provide you with free design options that would be most suitable for your needs.

2 Weeks for bulk Custom T-Shirt orders and 1 week for Direct to Film(DTF) print orders in India. 3 weeks for Tailormade Custom T-Shirts

At iLogo our standard delivery time for custom printed t-shirts is 2 weeks for all screen printed and embroidered t-shirts. We can also provide you rush delivery at an extra charge for the expedited shipping. In case you have ordered it as a Direct to Film printed(DTF) personalized t-shirt, the delivery time is 1 week. Shipping within India and worldwide is included. Our pricing includes all taxes and other charges.

Yes,you can order multiple designs and colours in your custom t-shirts order in India. If you want multiple colours of t-shirts in the same order, you need to add it to your design comments while placing the order. You can also contact us through email, phone or whatsapp to inform of this requirement. If you want multiple designs in the same order, you need to order them separately. You also have the option of adding 'Team Names and Numbers' to the design.
Yes, As a t-shirt manufacturer, iLogo keeps stock of t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, onesies in India ready to print at very affordable prices. Our products are top notch in quality and we carry the widest range of colours of t-shirts for you to choose from for your custom printed t-shirt requirement.

iLogo provides quality Custom Hoodies in India at very affordable prices. At iLogo, we offer affordable Custom Hoodies with screen printing or embroidery in India. We also offer zipper hoodies and sweatshirts which can be customized for your team, company, group or event. Customized hoodies can be fun for your employees to wear and can make them great ambassadors for your company. We take your designs and turn them into customized hoodies for your teams, school, company, and clubs. At iLogo, you can design your own custom printed hoodies by using your own original artwork in our design studio, or by using our thousands of images in the library. You can get hoodies personalized for your team with individual names and numbers as well. We offer quantity based pricing, which depends on the quantity of hoodies, Or you can order even one custom printed hoodie.

iLogo provides Custom Hoodies not only in India but all across the country & abroad.

iLogo provides quality custom printed and embroidered polo t-shirts for you in India at very affordable prices. At iLogo, you can customise polo t-shirts with your own logo and design. iLogo offers affordable, high quality Custom Polo Shirts with screen printing or embroidery. Your entire group can be kitted up with their own personalized embroidered and printed polo shirts. We offer quantity based pricing, which depends on the quantity of polo shirts and design. You can order even one polo t-shirt with your design printed. At iLogo, you can also get your Collared T-Shirt Tailormade to meet your brand requirements by customizing the pattern, colour and part of the Polo Shirt

iLogo is one of the top custom t-shirt manufacturers in India. With over 1 million t-shirts delivered and over 12 years of experience, iLogo understand the needs of its premium customers. iLogo produces high-quality, fashionable, and sustainable t-shirts that meet the needs and expectations of their customers. iLogo is one of the Top T-Shirt Manufacturers in India because:

  • Quality: iLogo provides High-quality t-shirts that are durable, comfortable, and made from high-quality materials.
  • Design: iLogo provide T-Shirts with innovative and attractive designs that appeal to customers and keep up with the latest fashion trends.
  • Production Capacity: iLogo has the ability to produce a large volume of t-shirts quickly and efficiently, which allows them to meet the demands of their customers.
  • Sustainability: iLogo prioritizes sustainable and ethical practices throughout their supply chain, including sourcing materials and labor practices.
  • Pricing: iLogo offers competitive pricing for their t-shirts, which allows them to appeal to a wider range of customers and maintain a strong market position.

iLogo manufactures t-shirts for locations across India.

If the custom products you receive are different materially from what you ordered or if the product is damaged, you may return the custom product for a full refund, within 15 days of receiving your custom order. All we ask is that you notify iLogo before returning any products to ensure that your return is handled quickly and accurately.

iLogo is one of top Custom Caps companies in India because it produces high-quality customized caps for individuals, organizations, or businesses. Here are some factors that make iLogo a top custom cap manufacturer in India:

Quality: iLogo produces high-quality custom caps that are made from durable materials, and they have excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Customization options: iLogo provides a wide range of customization options, such as different cap styles, colors, fabrics, embroidery, screen printing, or other decoration techniques, and allows customers to design their custom caps easily and quickly. Production capacity: iLogo has the ability to produce a large number of custom caps quickly and efficiently, which allows them to meet the demands of their customers.
  • Customer service: iLogo has excellent customer service and communication throughout the production process, from the initial design stage to the final delivery, and can provide guidance and support to customers to ensure their satisfaction.
  • Pricing: iLogo offers competitive pricing for their custom caps, which is transparent, fair, and consistent. They also offer clear and detailed quotes that include all the customization options and production costs.
  • Sustainability: iLogo prioritizes sustainable and ethical practices throughout their supply chain, including sourcing materials and labor practices.

Overall, iLogo is a company that produces high-quality, customizable, and sustainable caps, provides excellent customer service and communication, and offers competitive and transparent pricing.