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naval aviation series - kamov25

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For the valiant Naval aviators who flew the Kamov 25 a hand sketched painting of the magnificent bird has been printed on a simple white round necked tee shirt. So if you know anyone who has been part of the KA 25 saga please pick a piece as it is a limited order with a sale of minimum 50 tees to maintain the price. One can order directly from the link above as per your size. Just for your info after 15 days the order will be frozen and manufacture started for delivery.

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Organized By iLogo.in.

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punit kumar, New Delhi India

rajesh khullar, Dabolim India

sridhar kumar, Vasco da Gama India

saurabh hajela, Vasco da Gama India

nirad kumar sinha, South Goa India

capt nalin mishra, New Delhi India

suhail vadgaokar, Pune India

naresh sharma, Goa India

vinod raja, Vasco India

satyendra vaidya, Pune India

tv sunil, New Delhi India

captain h p s sodhi, THANE India

beheram driver, Pune India

raj poddar, Visakhapatnam India

asheesh kalaan, Chennai India

dhanunjay rao, Visakhapatnam India

shashidhar patil, Mumbai India

ajay chitnis, Pune India

sk shrivastava, Noida India

sanjay vadgaokar, PUNE India

vilas gurav, NOIDA India

sajiv sharma, Mumbai India

shobhit srivastava, Noida India

commodore rr ayyar, Ernakulam India

sridhar warrier, Bengaluru India


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