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As an employee of Quantela, you are requested to place your order before 24th June 2021. Enter the unique promo code that will be shared with you from [email protected] during checkout along with your contact /shipping details

All funds raised will go to Quantela .

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Ended 2021-06-29
250 items Goal


gayathri polubothu, Visakhapatnam India

santosh kumar kotta, Hyderabad India

sindhura bikkina, Hyderabad India

dilipkumar bachina, Hyderabad India

dileep ks, HYDERABAD India

kumar ponnaganti, Visakhapatnam India

kiran gopisetty, HYDERABAD India

anthony penwright, Rugeley UK

krishnakomal nadipally, Hyderabad India

peeyush joshi, Noida India

venkatareddy nallamilli, kakinada India

ameya datar, Bengaluru India

samanth uppalapati, Hyderabad India

sailaja munjuluri, Khammam India

sai bhuwan sudina, Visakhapatnam India

kartheek mullapudi, Hyderabad India

bindu praveena, Visakhapatnam India

chaitra thammineni, Srikakulam India

jyothi gangavarapu, Kalidindi India

pavani kota, Visakhapatnam India

taha moin, Hyderabad India

ravi kalidindi, Hyderabad India

bjorn gulpen, Bussum Netherlands

anuradha ch, Hyderabad India

aaron simkin, Carlsbad US

santosh amingad, Visakhapatnam India

anil kumar maddi, hyderabab India

satya sandhya tatavarthi, Amalapuram India

sowjanya rani, salur India

anil kumar maddi, hyderabad India

preeti suryaprakash, Hyderabad India

nagavamsi mutha, Hyderabad India


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