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We are no huge personalities to own or set up an NGO for any social cause.We are a bunch of friends who are senseless,but not helpless enough to help the needy with this small initiative of ours.HELP THE NEEDY tag includes all the needy who are in need of help in the form of education,food,moral support and encouragement to live a life.Through this initiative we aim towards donating a healthy part of the profit to a few needy in need nearby and encourage us for such initiative of ours because its the human encouragement and support which will give a new life to one.

All funds raised will go to .



akbar shaikh, Dharwad India
lohit pandey, Haldwani India
adesh nayak, Hubli India
adish appaji ambore, Pune India
siddhant rane, Mumbai India
vinay krishna joshi, Dharwad India
smithila dandin, BELLARY India
siddhant kashyap, dharwad India
shivani hiremath, Dharwad India
simita adiga, mumbai India
ashwin ambore, Dharwad India
aishwarya shetty, Dharwad India
tejaswara rao v, hyderabad India
vivek kumar singh, bangalore India
irfan faras, Dharwad India
nagan gouda, dharwad India
vani deshpande, Navanagar, Hubli India
neha singh, jamshedpur India
prabhakar shrivastava, Pune India
fazal nauman khan, dharwad India
prateek singh raghav, dewas India
shraddha bhat, dharwad India
abhirup bhattacharjee, Dharwad India
akshay angolkar, mumbai India
rajneesh kumar, Bangalore India
ratan raj, bihar India
sachin ghokale, dharwad India
nitin mallu, dharwad India
rohit akela, dharwad India


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