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People are becoming aware of what is going on in Tibet and their voice against China is getting stronger every day. Its time we boycott Chinese products manufactured in China for cheap labour & profit over people. Its time we hurt China economically, so that their wish to "rule the world" wont be any longer a threat. We believe that, more than any other force, the latent power of the free, informed and responsible consumer can pressure the world's last surviving Communist dictatorship to allow the Tibetan nation and the Chinese people the freedom they have been long denied. You think it wont make any difference if we do not buy that one article "Made in China" ? think again. Help us spread the word boycott "Made in China" products!!!

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arild reiten, Trondheim Norway
eva carter, Pittsburgh US
karin dietz, Panzano in Chianti Italy
julie kelly, Manchester UK
maria l. yau, Amersfoort Netherlands
magali giudice, Paris France
david barrie-grieve, Sion Switzerland
lobsang tenzin, Thornlands Australia
doreen pendleton, south lake tahoe US
lorenz wittmann, Pflaumdorf Germany
ankit jindal, Bangalore India
keith hindley, Manchester UK
tanesh basnotra, New Delhi India
shauna allen, Salt Lake City US
patricia hollyoake, Leamington Spa UK
prateek yadav, new delhi India
truong thy nguyen, Oslo Norway
sharon ashcroft, gilbert US
ngaire wadman, Guildford UK
werner fauland, paris France
becky james, Bristol UK
rianne schoenmakers, Goirle Netherlands
larry karlovsky, Des Moines US
adam koch, Springfield US
mayank kamthan, BANGALORE India
keith baxter, Victoria Canada
linda mortimer, Malestroit France
judith fisher, Bend US
thierry gibard, Gaillard France
andreas klezok, Pegnitz Germany
bridget harrison, Worthing UK
bärbel arz, Reichshof Germany
rebecca elder, Starksboro US
eric tolmach, Mt. Airy US
keith mckenzie, Edinburgh UK
manika kamthan, New Delhi India


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