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amazonraglenDT T-Shirt no PROD20377912176 PROD20377912176 PROD20377912176 White https://src1.ilogo.in/new_upload/2020/2503/15851170722405:204:2081:cf8d:61b2:43a7:dedd:4390589/1585128004/front_design_idea.webp

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Fabric Element Face Print Type Print Colors
Mars Dryfit Performance front screen print

Raglan Polo Double Tip

[Custom Product]


S(38cm), M(40cm), L(42 cm), XL(44cm),2XL(46cm), 3XL(48cm), 4XL(50cm)
size chart

Fabric Choices:

  • Mercerised Pique (greater strength, luster and colour)
  • Pique 250 gsm 100% cotton
  • Dry Fit Sports
  • Mars Performance

Product Features:

  • Heather colours 90% cotton 10% polyester
  • Choose colour combinations from 61 colours
  • Can specify Pantone Colour Shade for fabric
  • Min Order 30


  • Embroidery
  • Printing of all Types

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we deliver our products outside India as well.

If the custom products you receive are different materially from what you ordered or if the product is damaged, you may return the custom product for a full refund, within 15 days of receiving your custom order. All we ask is that you notify iLogo before returning any products to ensure that your return is handled quickly and accurately.

We think that most customers want to see what their design will look like on their t-shirts before their custom t-shirts gets printed, so we are happy to provide picture proofs to review for every order over 6 pieces or more.

Once you place your order, Our artists will review your design thoroughly at iLogo to ensure a quality print.

Once we have completed our strict review process, we'll email or message you a picture proof showing the detailed design as we plan to print it.

If you notice anything in your picture proof that you’d like to change or adjust, you can revert us with an email of the changes you want.

If your order is on a rush or super rush schedule or you’d like to speak about your order in person, we are available to answer questions and help you with your design to be finalised.

You can design and buy your own amazonraglenDT orangedoublet in India at iLogo at very affordable prices. At iLogo, you can design as per your requirement in our Design Studio. The Design Studio gives you access to 1000's of fonts and cliparts which you can use to create your unique amazonraglenDT orangedoublet design in India. If you already have your artwork ready, you can directly upload it in the design studio. You have options to play around with the colours of the orangedoublet and type of t-shirt in the design studio.

iLogo is a great website to buy amazonraglenDT orangedoublet in India at very affordable prices. iLogo has over 12 years of expertise in Custom T-Shirts and has delivered over a million custom T-Shirts. It is valued as reliable partner by some of the top companies in India. In case you want to personalize the amazonraglenDT orangedoublet design, you can create it in our unique design studio. Our design studio will give you access to tons of fonts and cliparts which you can use to create your unique amazonraglenDT orangedoublet online. iLogo is an expert in various T-Shirt printing and embroidery techniques.

You can get a amazonraglenDT orangedoublet printed in India at iLogo at very affordable prices. You can either design it online, choose from over 1,50,000 designs or email/whatsapp us your design. In case you don't have a design ready or if you have something to add in the amazonraglenDT orangedoublet design you can email/whatsapp us your requirements and our designers will design it for you. We shall choose the best print technique suitable for your design. But don't worry, we shall not proceed without your approval.