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General Faqs

How can I place an order ?

You can place an order online by using following steps:

  1. Go to design-studio
  2. Add Text, Upload Images, Add ClipArts
  3. Save the design and buy it.

How can I request for a sample ?

Go to the product page that you want. Click on Request A Sample. You can ask for a sample there.

Money is refunded back to your account when we get the sample back.

Where can I get the price for my product ?

In design-studio itself, you will be able to see the price. Price depends on product, type of printing and number of colors as well.

How many do I have to order ?

For some of our most popular styles, you can order just one item through our VinylCut printing service. See a list of these products in our No Minimum category.

Some items must use screen printing or embroidery and will have different minimums.

If I am ordering more number of pieces, will I get some discount ?

Price in design-studio will automatically get reduced as you order more and more pieces. Also when you place an order, you earn some points which you can use in your next purchase.

We also send discount codes through email to our regular customers.

What are the payment options available at iLogo ?

Payment Options available are:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Debit Cart
  3. Net Banking
  4. Cheque
  5. Paypal (Other than India)

You can directly transfer money to iLogo Account. Details are given on Contact Us page.

Does iLogo deliver products outside India ?

Yes, we deliver our products outside India as well.

How will I know if my order is placed successfully ?

You will get an email to your email-id having all the information of your design(s).

How many days will it take to get my order ?

You will recieve your order at your doorstep within 14 days.

Orders of single pieces are delivered in 7 days only.

If you have created a product in our create-studio, the product will take 20 days to deliver.

How does iLogo ship my order and what are shipping charges ?

In India, orders are delivered using DTDC Courier Service. International orders are shipped using DHL Courier Service.

There are no shipping charges for any value of order.

I have cancelled my order, when will I recieve my refund ?

iLogo will refund 100% of your money back to your account, if your order is cancelled. We process refund process as soon as it stands cancelled though transaction takes 7 days to complete.

How do I check the status of my order ?

Whenever your order is shipped, You will get a mail regarding the shipment with a tracking number. Also it is updated in your iLogo account.

How does an order process ?

If you have ordered from no minimum category, the design will directly go to our printing service and after printing it will be dispatched from iLogo.

Else, order is processed in following steps:

  1. Our designer will get back to you with your design for approval.
  2. As soon as it gets approved, order will be processed for printing.
  3. After print, it will be dispatched from iLogo.

What if the product I receive is defective ?

If any of iLogo's Products are:

  1. Materially flawed
  2. Decoration different from design submitted
  3. Quality of decoration is below reasonable expectations

We shall refund payment or replace them immediately.

Design Faqs

What are the various options for designing ?

Design-Studio is implemented with following features:

Change Product - Use this option to change your product without changing anything in your design.

Change Color - Use this option to change your product color. You will also have this option when use change product option.

Switch the side - Use this option to switch the product sides. You can design front and back as well. For our popular apparel category, design can also be put on sleeves.

Zoom in/out - Use this option to zoomify the design.

Add Text - This button let you add text to your design. Also you can use 100+ fonts, can outline, can rotate, can increase font-size and can change color of text. You can also update and delete the text.

Add Art - You can upload an arkwork of your choice. It is mandatory to select number of colors while upload is finished. You can rotate and resize the image you uploaded, you can remove the background. Maximum upload size for an image is 2MB.

Add Clipart - There are 1000+ clipart available that you can use in your design. You can change the color of clipart, you can rotate and resize a clipart.

Add Team Names & Numbers - You can design products for your team. You can add any number below 100 of your team members. You can add & edit Names and Numbers for the team. You can use 100+ fonts, outline, increase font-size, change color of team names and numbers.

Save/Send - Use this button to save your ilogo-design forever. You will get a confirmation mail that your design has been saved. You can retrieve your design as well at any point of time in future.

Share with Friends - This option will let you share your design with your friend on popular social media websites to spread your story.

Buy Now - When your design is saved, you get this option. It will let you add your design to the cart.

Live Quote - Final cost for your product is shown immediately you start designing your product. No extra charges for shipping and taxes to be paid.

Print Types - For no-minimum category, it will be vinyl-cut print. For other cases, you will have options for screen and embroidery print.

If I design a t-shirt do I have to order it ?

Ofcourse not, you can use it for your fun, to spread your story online. You can save a design and can order later as well if you wish.

Can I give a pantone colour shade for my logo, text or uploaded image ?

Yes, you can. Please add the shade in your design comments while sending the design.

My design is not being saved, why ?

Few possible reasons can be:

  1. Maximum letters in your design name can be upto 10. Do not give too long name to your design.
  2. You do not have selected the country.
  3. Sometimes server is also not able to save because of multiple request. Press Ctrl+F5 and redesign. Our developers are currently working on damage recovery.

If you are failing to save more than 2 times. You can take snapshot of your page. You can deposit the requisite money to iLogo account. Details are there on Contact Us page.

Is there a limit on number of colors we can use ?

No, you can make your design as many number of colors though it is recommended to use upto 7-8 colors.

Create Studio Faqs

Can I create my own product ?

Yes, you can create your own product using iLogo - Create Studio.

How many I have to order, if I have created a new product ?

If you have created a new product. You have to order minimum 100.

Can I add design to my new product ?

Yes, you can. Once you save your product, you can add text and logos in our Design Studio.

For what kind of product, we can use create studio ?

You can create apparels of various types. You can have different color for body, sleeves, collar, cuffs & buttons.

Can I mail about my product to my friends ?

Yes, you can. There is an option for sending email to your friends.

Price Saving Tips

Here are few tips to keep costs down ?

Quantity Matters:

  1. The more you order the lesser will be cost per piece.
  2. Further there are slabs at following quantities: 21, 51, 101 & 501. You can get 51 t-shirts in lesser price than 50 t-shirts.
  3. Base price for white color is lower than the coloured one.

Screen Print

  1. Cost is proportional to number of sides you want to print.
  2. Cost is also proportional to number of colors in your design.


  1. Each side with embroidery adds to the cost.